Sunday, February 16, 2020

Things are getting sporting in China...could a virus bring about the fall of this govt?

Have we reached a point where we should all be asking if this virus could cause the fall of this govt?

I'm not so sure we AREN'T there!

We've seen the explosion in cases.  We know that production/exports are taking a HUGE hit.  We've seen corporations warning that profits will be down because of production delays in China.  We have no idea what is happening with the social fabric of the country but we've seen anecdotal evidence that its at least under strain if not unraveling.

The bad thing for the Chinese?  Very few remember the "hard" times that they've suffered.  For many of the young and or especially hardcore all they know is of the seemingly unstoppable rise.

What would a blow of this type do to the psyche of those people?

I have no idea but I think its a question that policy makers that have a much better view of this thing probably should be asking.

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