Thursday, February 20, 2020

This is what the terrorist scum that Turkey is supporting does to their enemies (Graphic!)...

I've called Syria a chaotic battlefield.  Unfortunately its also a morally chaotic battlefield too.

Assad isn't worth the effort of removal if we have to support these type of animals (oh and make no mistake about one point WE DID!).  For this human filth killing isn't enough.  These pieces of cow shit also have to behead their enemies?

It's past time to leave.  We shouldn't have one US service member in this pile of steaming shit.

My view?

Assad can have his country.  He helped us during our time in Iraq with interrogations so we can leave him be.  Russia wants to play?  Ok.  You got Syria and fickle ass Turkey to separate.  EU gets to have the flow of refugees shut off.  Israel gets our protection from Iran.  Saudi Arabia gets invited to get the fuck outta Yemen and hopefully the whole region can learn to chill the fuck out.

This thing is madness.

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