Saturday, February 29, 2020

Turkey's plan B fails. Greece blocks more than 4000 migrants from entering their border....

This was an almost evil move by Turkey.  To use migrants as a weapon in order to gain concessions from the EU and NATO?  Pure evil.

In this case their plan B has backfired.  Turkey is losing in Syria and in Libya.  They've lost friends, have no real allies and find themselves alone, unwanted and barely tolerated.

How do they find their way out?  I have no idea.  But we should perhaps move Turkey up a bit on our global watch list.  I don't believe we'll see "the Purge part 2" yet but I think we might be close.

A bad economy, failing overseas adventures and now the bodies of young Turks returning home in body bags to the embrace of tearful mothers?  Add Coronavirus to the mix and it could cause his govt to fall.

Regardless of the reason we should prepare for the chaos of Erdogan leaving/being forced out by a few fed up retired/purged Generals that still have connections with the active force.

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