Sunday, February 16, 2020

Turks are threatening the Russian Ambassador...

via Sputnik.
Earlier this week, the ambassador revealed that the recent rise in tensions between Moscow and Ankara over Russian support for Syria in Idlib had led to threats being made against his life, recalling that the last crisis in relations between the two countries led to the assassination of his predecessor by a Turkish radical.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov has expanded on his earlier comments about the threats he and embassy staff have had to deal with in recent days, stressing that while he does not take them to heart, they’re unacceptable because he is a representative of Russia.

“As far as the threats are concerned, we’ve discussed them at length, and even publicized the most odious ones. Among the last which we’ve received last night and this morning are comments such as ‘We’ll build skyscrapers out of the skulls of your army’, and ‘You’ll pay the price for every drop of blood you shed’, and so on,” Yerkhov said, speaking to Zvezda on Sunday.
The ambassador noted that he could not help but treat this subject with the utmost seriousness, since it’s not simply a matter of threats against himself.

“Someone may say that this is a case of people letting off some steam and moving on, someone else may say this is democratic. It’s hard to disagree with these viewpoints. But at the same time such actions are unacceptable, because we’re not talking about the embassy or the ambassador, but about Russia and all of its representatives,” Yerkhov stressed.

When it comes to threats the highlighted one is pretty inventive.  Wonder when Russian gloves come off when it comes to Turkey?

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