Friday, February 21, 2020

US Navy warship now has a LASER!

I've been meaning to post on this but the US Army has been advancing laser tech and looks to be getting ready to use it for air defense.

Now we see this.

Great news!  The US Navy has installed a laser on a warship?  Hypersonic weapons might be rendered obsolete before they fully enter service.  The potential is amazing.

Let me hit you with this what if.

What if we could build lasers to protect against ICBMs?  Yeah I know.  They would have to be super powerful (probably need a dedicated nuclear reactor to power them...just guessing I don't know for sure) but the amount of power could be enough to render them null and void.  Yeah you would still need to deal with whatever debris comes from shooting them down but better than a surface detonation right?

Don't slam, just spitballing here.  The news we have is good though.  I like it!

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