Saturday, March 21, 2020

A basic explanation of why bailouts are so unpopular for corporations (using the Airline industry as an example!)....

This is what annoys so many people.  We've watched the stock market zoom to unimaginable and unexplainable levels.  We've watched prices increase (or portion size decrease) over the entire range of items used by the public.

In short we've already bailed out corporations.  We've sat silent while they maximized profits, overshored production and basically acted as if they were guardians of the galaxy.


Now we have this crisis and instead of setting themselves up to weather the storm they automatically back up to the loan window and expect the taxpayer to ponie up and save them again.

I hear everyone talking about little the old, weak and medically jacked up perish so that we can have herd immunity sooner.

But what about corporations?

If we can be cavalier with the lives of everyday Americans that happen to be elderly then why MUST we save every corporation?

If death is the only fair thing about life (meaning we all have to eventually die) then why are taking extraordinary steps to save corporations that probably should be allowed to die?

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