Friday, March 20, 2020

Advanced Running Gear for potential use on the NGCV

The irony is deliciously painful.  Could you imagine this suspension on the new built AAVs with more powerful water jets?  Could you imagine this suspension on M1A1s with M1A2 electronics/optics coupled with a diesel engine?

Could you imagine the US Army simply saying "screw it" develop a new add on armor package for the AMPV, add a 50mm RWS, APS and this suspension and call it a day on the Next Generation Combat Vehicle?

The Marine Corps has abandoned tracks.   I luv the ACV but I do have nagging doubts...especially when transitioning from water to the beach (pics of stuck HUMVEES with Marines trying to push them linger in the back of my mind) but for the Corps the future is wheels.  Apparently all wheels (has anyone asked a simple question...what happens to the M88s and ABV since the M1A1 is no more?).

Thankfully the US Army is still committed to fighting high intensity motorized/mechanized combat.

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