Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Brazilian Army/Marines 6x6 Guarani VBTP to receive upgrades

via Shepard Media
The Brazilian Army is improving the situational awareness of the 6x6 Guarani VBTP through an indigenously developed system that will manage this platform: the Proteus-SGP.

In early March, the army’s Manufacturing Directorate conducted the first test with this system, involving the 1st Mechanised Infantry Battalion in Rio de Janeiro.

An army spokesperson told Shephard that the Proteus-SGP will centralize the Guarani's subsystems and add new capabilities to the vehicle. It will support the decision-making process of the VBTP commander, by providing enhanced awareness of the environment around the vehicle.

Additionally, ‘it will bring more flexibility because it will facilitate the integration of future systems and will reduce its costs', the spokesperson stressed.

The Systems Development Centre of the Brazilian Army has been developing Proteus-SGP since 2018. After concluding the test phase, the army will define a plan and deadlines for the system to enter service.

The spokesperson highlighted that, in total, the army will receive 1,260 Guarani vehicles until 2040 under a contract awarded to Iveco in 2016.

This contract states the procurement of the basic version of the Guarani platform, with annual deliveries of 60 units. To date, the army has received 424 VBTPs.

‘These vehicles will be able to operate during the day or at night, in different types of missions, including war and non-war actions,’ the spokesperson emphasized.

Based on a ballistic steel monocoque hull design, the VBTP offers performance and protection levels that are designed to fully meet the demands of current and future operations.

Its driveline and engineering are intended to be simple and robust, with the aim of allowing ease of support and flexibility in employment.

Among its characteristics, the VBTP has amphibious capacity and armoured protection. Its weapon system has a medium calibre cannon to support infantry troops and a .50 calibre machine gun mounted on a remotely controlled tower or on an armoured turret.

This vehicle also can transport 11 people, including the driver and a sniper. It has passive night vision equipment for the driver, commander and sniper, which allows the marksman to operate in low light conditions.

The army spokesperson explained that the Guarani VBTPs will be able to operate weapon systems, command and control systems and other types of equipment simultaneously, in order to reduce collateral damage; increase the effectiveness of its armament; and ensure the protection of the troops on board.

In addition, the Guarani programme aims to procure wheeled armoured vehicles with enhanced mobility features for cavalry and infantry units, the spokesperson said.

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