Thursday, March 26, 2020

China being China in the middle of a global pandemic...Spain bought more than 500K test kits and they don't work...

If you dance with the devil why are you surprised when you get burned?  Spain, Italy, Greece and everyone else in the West should DEMAND a meeting of their REAL allies and we should organize a COORDINATED response to this thing.

Am I thinking the US couldn't go this alone?

Nope.  I'm damn near positive that we could get it done solo.

But I also think that now is the time that push the "partnership" meme.  Flying off each others ships is cute.  Embedding military personnel in each others command centers/units is cute.

This is real shit.

Now is the time when partnering really counts.  Now is the time when alliances really count.

Is there an adult in the room can recommend this and then lead it?

I don't see one.  But I do have a recommendation.

Get MATTIS off his ass, appoint him (Trump can) to be the "international coronavirus czar" and have him coordinate an effort in the Western World to fight this thing.

I hear you now.  Why?  This thing is almost over!

To that I say bullshit.  It's gonna come back bigger and meaner than ever this fall.  We know the enemy, its time we get our shit together to properly fight it.

Note.  I'm not a fanboy of MATTIS but I do recognize talent.  The guy has the name recognition, the contacts, the experience and the ability to get this setup with a quickness.  So does Dunford and a few Army bubbas I could name.  But we need extreme visibility to give comfort to the world.  MATTIS could give us that in spades.

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