Saturday, March 28, 2020

Czech Republic receives new Pandur II variants

via Shepard Media
The Czech Republic is improving the mobility and situational awareness of its ground forces through new command/staff and communication (liaison) variants of the 8x8 Pandur II.

The first four of these vehicles, manufactured by Tatra Defence Vehicle (part of the Czechoslovak Group holding enterprise), were delivered in early March to the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade in Štěpánov, Olomouc.

They are part of a batch of 20 Pandur IIs (six command/staff and 14 communication) ordered by the Czech MoD in 2017 in a CZK16.5 billion ($650 million) contract.

Designed to improve battlefield communications, the Pandur II command/staff variant (pictured above) is equipped to handle data traffic capacity, and the communication variant is responsible for complete radio traffic.

A Czech Army spokesperson told Shephard that the main advantage of the command/staff vehicle lies in its specialised and highly advanced computers. This vehicle also has systems for secure and non-secure voice and data connection.

To ensure high-capacity data transmission, this variant of Pandur II is equipped with a radio relay link, a system of automatic directional antenna, radio station, directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna and a speakerphone.

‘It could be deployed in the field and allow the commander to be aware of the situation on the battleground in every condition,’ the army source said.

The new command/staff variant of Pandur II features specialised and highly advanced computers. (Photo: Tatra Defence Vehicle)

A spokesperson for Tatra noted that the command/staff variant is designed to support the decision-making process of the commander at the battalion level and brigade in combat management.

‘The carriers will help to streamline the process of command and control of subordinate elements,’ the spokesperson pointed out, adding that Tatra built the vehicle with high manoeuvrability and mobility in mind.

The command/staff vehicle was delivered with field command posts, which are special inflatable tents (8x5.7x3m) capable of housing ten workstations with computer terminals.

‘They will enable to expand the number of staff of the superior command levels directly on the battlefield,’ the Tatra spokesperson noted.

The communication variant of Pandur II is designed to provide a radio link between the senior-level officers and frontline troops. These vehicles are equipped with systems of secret and non-secreted voice and data communication in the VHF, UHF and HF band.

Both new variants of Pandur II are equipped with a jammer and have increased ballistic resistance and anti-crash protection.

They are also designed to accommodate four crew members (the driver, the vehicle commander and two electronic systems operators) on new Czech-made BOG-AMS-V anti-explosion seats.

The 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade of the Czech Army should receive six command/staff and 14 communication Pandur IIs by the end of 2020. 
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There are always critics ... no matter what a force does people will complain (to include me at times).  That being said I like what they're doing.

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