Monday, March 02, 2020

Dr Fauci, Director Of Infectous Diseases says we have definitely have an outbreak and likely a pandemic.

It gets better ...

Don't know the context of the question but 2.5% is a bit high?  Does that mean that the kill rate is above 2%?

But this is the kicker.


Mitigation issues.

That's the danger and the threat to the economy.  This thing is probably already across the US and I still say the WHO is now worthless.

But my prediction is that this will flare out...BUT RETURN mutated this fall.  The global economy is about to be smashed.  Not by politics but by disease.  It'll also increase nationalism (small "n", meaning not white supremacy based) in all countries.

In essence I think we're getting our version of the Spanish Flu in the modern age, not now but later this year.

What say you.

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