Monday, March 09, 2020

Europe is getting rocked by the long before WHO declares the obvious?

WHO can quit delaying and declare this thing a pandemic.  Wall Street and the rest of the world's markets are acting on this info.


Do you have a recession proof job?  Do you have a job that is "essential"?  If not you better start active planning for possible layoffs.  If you do then you probably should do the same.

This is getting to a point that I didn't expect.  I wonder how bad this first wave will be, cause I'm almost certain that there will be a second more lethal wave.

Did you know that there are two strains of this thing in the wild?  Everyone is talking number of deaths but its more nuanced than that.  What is the fatality rate for each of the strains?

If one or the other is responsible for the deaths that we're seeing then we could be looking at an extremely lethal vector.

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