Sunday, March 22, 2020

Here comes your Coronavirus induced crime wave...California releases more inmates while advocates agitate for releasing even more...

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via Los Angeles Times.
More California counties are releasing inmates to protect their jails against possible coronavirus outbreaks.

In Alameda County, officials announced 247 people were being released from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. San Diego County officials have announced similar moves, as have San Francisco, San Mateo and other counties.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has reduced its inmate population by 6% in the last three weeks and Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey said her office would consider reducing bail for thousands of nonviolent offenders.

As of Thursday morning, there were no confirmed cases of the virus inside L.A. County jails, where the number of inmates was down to 16,017 inmates from 17,076 on Feb. 28.

via The Hill
Legal groups across the country are fighting to protect inmates from the spread of the coronavirus, urging jails and prisons to come up with plans to mitigate the risk to their populations and even calling for the release of the most vulnerable prisoners.

There’s a growing concern about the potential risk facing inmates and the possibility that the virus could spread inside correctional facilities that house inmates that are older or have underlying health issues, factors that make people especially vulnerable to the virus.

Be advised folks.

This will be the cause of your next crime wave and forget all the idiocy you've heard about people changing.

I personally know of people that have done state time, were released and then ended back in jail within 6 months of release.

And they were the ones that stayed out the longest.

You're about to see your Coronavirus induced crime wave that will shock the nation.

This is bad stuff.  The intentions might be honorable (MIGHT) but the results will be horrible.

You heard it here first.

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