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How the World Health Organization placated China and potentially doomed the world...A MUST READ!

Dedicate this article to the China/WHO apologists...history will not be kind to you!

via Endemic Times.
The goal of this post was to provide a clear timeline of the key events related to the coronavirus COVID-19. In order to prepare for our future, we must understand our past. The WHO is not our friend. They are a conglomerate of nations under the guise of credibility that has used their power and connections, to benefit themselves.
Rather than helping those they say they are there to protect, they are protecting their own self-interests. The WHO is to blame for the delay, the lack of transparency and expediency that was needed in a desperate time for our planet. The WHO is to blame for not holding China to account. There insistence on a delay of the known truth has contributed to so many lives lost, and many more to come.


I found it very odd that Tedros, upon finally declaring something was wrong on January 30, decided to make it a point to show how much confidence he and the WHO had in China. That their decision that day to declare a public health emergency of international concern, was not a vote of no confidence to China.
Nowhere in the parameters of a pandemic does one need to coddle or placate the country of origin of the virus. The key is identification, mitigation and containment. Those cannot be done if the organization that is meant to be for the world’s health, doesn’t take ownership and control. China was taking the steps it deemed necessary to mitigate and contain the virus. How those measures were taken will be a subject of debate in the months and possibly years to come.
The thing to keep in mind here is that instead of standing up and owning up to obvious severity of the situation, Tedros decided to sit down, and play down the severity, all while patting China on the back.


Stephen McDonnell of BBC news in Beijing stated that very act laid bare the worse aspects of China’s command and control system of governance. Stephen also said that the spin doctors and censors will try to find a way to convince 1.4 million people that Dr. Li’s death is not a clear example of the limits to the parties’ ability to manage an emergency.
The following day, on February 8, 2020, did Director Tedros express concern of this information? No. He stated, “were not just battling the virus; we’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theorists that push misinformation and undermine the outbreak response” (WHO, 2020). He stated that he wanted people to have access to accurate information to protect themselves and others.
There was no mention of Dr. Li. No mention of the risk he took to come forward. No mention of how the Chinese populous was outraged, saddened and angry over the whistleblower’s death. The WHO took away the voice of Dr. Li, the voice of Stephen McDonnell and the multitude of others that were voicing the valid and obvious concerns of the actions of China and the efforts they took to silence their people.
Instead of voicing concern for the Chinese people, the action taken by the WHO was to work with social media companies like Facebook, Google, Tencent, Baidu, Twitter, TikTok, Weibo, Pinterest and others to filter out false information and promote accurate information from credible sources.
Since when did the BBC become a conspiracy theory outlet? They push specific narratives like all other mainstream outlets, but to be considered not credible just begs the question of why, why was the WHO trying so hard to push silence? Why didn’t they speak up for Dr. Li or call into question the actions of China in attempting to silence people? 


Dr. Li was not the only one silenced by the Chinese government. Ai Fen, the Director of Wuhan Central hospital’s emergency department, was one of the eight colleagues on the group chat with Dr. Li (Mahbubani, 2020). After sharing a picture on that chat that spread widely, she was informed by hospital leaders that Wuhan’s health commission had forbidden frontline medical workers from saying anything about the virus in order to avoid panic.
Ai was accused of spreading reports and was ordered to not speak with anyone. She was instructed to inform her staff members that they were not permitted to publicly disclose any information about the illness (Mahbubani, 2020).
The claims of being able to control the spread “left hundreds of doctors and nurses in the dark”, not knowing about the epidemic. They could not report when they were ill, alert colleagues, or report cases that they encountered due to restrictive documentation controls (Mahbubani, 2020).
 Ai said that she would have told everyone, even though she was warned if she had known how the virus would infect more than 127,000 people, killing over 4,700. 

Take me word folks.  Read the whole thing.  Its so good that I could pop out the entire article to highlight.

Long story short?

China lied, people died and the World Health Organization is corrupt, useless and should never be depended on to make declarations of such importance EVER again.

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