Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Infographic. CLASH REPORT's "Lethal Fusion of Armed & Electronic Attack UAVs"

Can't lie.  If this is how the Turks pulled this off then I'm impressed.  Didn't think they had this capability.  Has anyone ever done this before with UAVs? If they have I haven't heard about it.

The thing is that you must have a fleet of UAVs that you're basically willing to throw away...that you can risk without question.

In this case its obvious that Turkey considered Russian Air Defenses to be such a high priority that they were willing to have a portion of their "fleet" attrited.

Of course this does raise other questions.

Why do this instead of attack with long range missiles?  Are they caught up in the same "penetration of air space" that the US air arms are locked into?  Do they have missiles that could accomplish the task?  Would missiles be easier to spoof?

Could the same have been accomplished with the US Marine Corps focus on using UAVs for targeting and having artillery (cannon or rocket) accomplish the kill instead?

Does using ground based fires present a potential risk to those systems?  If so what are they?  Can the risk be mitigated and lower cost assets used?

Many questions few answers and at the end of the day I'm left with this....Turkey just did something that at least to me seems to be a new "revolution in warfare".

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