Thursday, March 19, 2020

It has begun. California Gov orders all state residents to stay home...

via Politico.
Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered California's nearly 40 million residents to stay home, making it the first state to impose that strict mandate on all residents to counteract a looming surge of new infections.

The order takes effect immediately and remains effective "until further notice." Californians are not allowed to leave home except for essential purposes. They are allowed to purchase groceries, prescriptions and health care, as well as commute to jobs deemed essential.

The messaging on this "disaster" has been nothing but a mess.  Historians will surely blame government at all levels for failing to properly inform the American people of the issues being faced.

But putting my intuition aside I have another nagging issue.

I can't figure out if we're seeing some of these governors acting out of a need or a desire for free money.

What do I mean?

We're seeing especially the governors of California and New York acting in ways that defy explanation. 

This latest move by the California Governor seems all out of proportion to the threat.  To put the entire state on a stay home order?  Now?  He has guaranteed that the unemployment rate will spike to at least 20%.

One man made a decision that will affect the entire country, if not most of the world.  But is the outbreak in California that serious?  Does it warrant this response?  Or is it a cynical ploy to grab federal dollars, make the headlines and burnish the credentials of a man that has been said to have aspirations to the White House?

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