Thursday, March 12, 2020

Its obvious there is alot more to the coronavirus than we're being told...


There is more to the coronavirus than we're being told.

My lucid argument.

1.  To say that the coronavirus is just a variation of the normal flu is blown out of the water by China's reaction to the outbreak.  They went full bore and then some when this thing broke out.

2.  The reaction of our allies.  Italy has gone hog wild.  Australia went hard and so are many of our other friends.

3.  The reaction of our enemies.  Did you catch what the leader of Iran had to say about the virus?  He didn't point at just the US but also China.  To paraphrase he said that its obvious that this disease was weaponized and unleashed upon the world.  We still don't know how bad it is inside their country.

4.  The NBA suspended their season.  Don't see that happening unless they're being told the same.  Remember this is a disease that is suppose to affect the old and those with pre-existing conditions.

There's ton more but I just don't feel like giving a complete tick tock.

Long story short?

We don't know all the facts but its clear that we're missing important and perhaps disturbing information about this virus.  Not sure why the govts of the world would choose to leave us all in the dark but I believe that's happening.

What I find amazing?

This thing could actually freeze the global economy. 


I don't think there is a thing that anyone can do to stop global trade should that happen. 

PS.  The stock market is down almost 2000 points.  We are seeing a return to sanity that might be the great "reset" that is talked about so much in the prepping community.

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