Thursday, March 26, 2020

It's Range Day: NTC by Cpl. Elijah Abernathy + A few thoughts on LAR & the gamble that they can replace Tank Bn

Just plain wow.  It took me seeing these pics of LAR on the range for me to put it together.

1.  You all know about the HQMC's plan to shut down Tank Bn across the entire Corps.

2.  You SHOULD recall the radical plans for the LAV-A2 replacement.  It's setup to be almost a sci-fi vehicle with many different models covering a variety of roles.

And that's the deal.

LAR is gonna be the replacement for tanks into the future.


Sensor fusion on the ground.  They'll have (from what I've seen) a modest anti-tank capability but they'll hang their hat on seeing the enemy and being able to call in fire support, hopefully, from a variety of sources.

That's how Berger is planning on mitigating the risk.

His hope is that by bolstering long distance fires he can kill a mech force before it even gets in range of our guys.  That's how I see it if we're ever supposed to fight another "Desert Storm".

Against China?  Well that's where the missile batteries, Combat UAVs, Attack Helos, and Fast Movers come into play.

It might work but it'll take a couple of things coming together in a terrific way. Marine Air will have to fully commit to supporting the ground force.  The F-35B will have to load up every bomb rack and be prepared to let the Navy get the air to air kills while they're moving mud.  We're gonna have to stock pile enough missiles to make a difference.

They're gonna have to spend money they don't have yet.

LAR is about to be huge for the Ground Combat Element.  I hope their leadership is ready for the challenge.

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