Sunday, March 22, 2020

Louisiana Gov issues stay at home order...hitting close to home and the numbers are a bit disturbing...

First the Gov hits us with this stay at home order.  Kinda expected it but not this soon.  Luckily the folks around here have told me that it was coming (heard that today) and that National Guard has already deployed to several locations throughout the state.

Ok.  So what caused this?  We're finally getting a clue.  In my state we're looking at a potential Italy type situation because the numbers are coming on exponentially.

They put out these two graphs...


Its gonna get a bit sporting around here.  That graph is if not disturbing then at least unsettling.

My biggest gripe?

The metropolitan areas are wagging the entire state.  Where is the outbreak most troubling.

New Orleans.

Where is the biggest problem?

New Orleans.

Who will be screaming the most for aid in this whole drama?

New Orleans.

The rest of the state will muddle thru and make it.  New Orleans will be crying like a spoiled bitch at her 13th birthday.

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