Saturday, March 14, 2020

National Emergency Declared. Do you still believe you have all the data points? All the information? Still think its nothing?

Trump declared a national emergency.

With that declaration the US govt just unleashed ASTONISHING power over its citizenry in ways that the news media has HARDLY informed the average person about and no where (that I've seen) is anyone discussing it.

I'll touch on it a very little here.

With the declaration of a national emergency the US president can...

1.  Deploy the military on US soil.

2.  Suspend ordinary civil liberties.

3.  Apprehend (or in this case)/quarantine any individual that meets a certain criteria that the govt determines to be applicable.

4.  Ability to seize certain private assets/nationalize industry.

And that's just a VERY few that I'm jamming out before I run to the gym.

Many readers have continued to downplay the ramifications of this virus.  You should not be fooled.  We aren't getting all the information but you can bet your left nutt that with the extraordinary actions by govts all over the world that this is a major event.

Common virus my ass.  Easily recovered from by the majority of people...I'm beginning to doubt.

The actions don't NOT meet the statements being issued from not only Trump but by other leaders around the world.

What do I think?  Not sure anymore.  But I do believe we're looking at a Spanish Flu type scenario.  I truly believe that this is round one.  I also believe that the 30 day suspension of activity that is being implemented nationwide is simply wishful thinking.  I truly fear this could drag on for months.

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