Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Normalcy Bias & The Coronavirus...

Small rant.

How many times have we discussed messaging, information influence campaigns and psychological operations aimed at the masses?

Yeah.  Plenty of times.

Which leads me to this.

Why are so many here sticking their heads in the sands with regard to this outbreak?

It isn't obvious that this is a pandemic NOW?  It isn't obvious that if this was simply a variation of the normal flu that this thing would actually be no big deal?  That if it was an ordinary flu that we wouldn't see so many countries taking such drastic steps to combat it?

I mean seriously!  Look at how China reacted to this!  They practically shut down their country to fight this thing.  S. Korea did the same.  Now we're seeing the drama that Italy is going thru.

The reaction we're seeing from not one but several countries is a huge red flag to me.  I'm assuming that they have better information than any of us and we're looking at 1st world nations employ draconian measures to attempt to prevent the spread.

Look at history!  We didn't see this reaction to H1N1. 

We didn't see the same reaction ANYWHERE.

I don't know what this thing is (I do have my suspicions and they haven't changed.  I honestly believe that this isn't a result of wet markets but a tailor made virus that got loose from the Chinese) but the reaction from govts tell me that it isn't good.

So to those that claim that this virus is no big deal, explain why I'm wrong.  Why all the govts of the world are wrong and why we're getting warned that schools will soon be closed, sporting events held without fans, and crowded events everywhere will be canceled (all of the above is already happening).

Yeah cowboy.  Tell me how I'm fear mongering and this thing is nothing...otherwise I accuse you of having normalcy bias on steroids.

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