Sunday, March 08, 2020

Norwegian F-35s intercepted Russian Tu-142 and Mig-31...anyone have more info on this incident?

This one is interesting.  The F-35 was sent to intercept Russian Tu-142s and a Mig-31?

I'm intrigued.  We know the Mig-31 can fly higher and is faster than the F-35. Additionally (and I could be wrong) the Mig-31 carries missiles that can fly farther and are again faster than the ones carried by the F-35.

The wild card in all this?  How stealth would have played a role in the interceptor mission.  Could the F-35 "sneak" up on the intruder aircraft? Would it have rendered Russian countermeasures null and void because of its stealth characteristics?

The article is light on facts but we do know the F-35 carried gear to make it illuminate on radar so maybe this is nothing but a propaganda show and nothing more.  I just don't know.

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