Saturday, March 14, 2020

Polish, Italian and Dutch Security Forces are now assisting the Greeks at their border...


The outreach to stop this latest move by Turkey seems to be expanding.  This bears watching.  The Coronavirus and this too?  Never push people too hard.  Especially the gentle ones.  Those are the type that can become the most feral.

Europe is a gentle soul (in the modern era) but I'm a bit worried that they're being pushed a bit and will find their teeth.

If that happens then that really would be a paradigm changing event.

Imagine a world where Europe fully militarized.  That acted as a federalized state instead of a union of nations.  Imagine a Europe that embraced Russia, banished forever Turkey and became 100% Eurocentric.

The EU-MegaState could become the most powerful force on the planet.  They would supplant the rise of China and would probably surpass the US in just a decade or two.  It might be morbid but think of a united Europe, democratized, pluralistic, militaristic but without the baggage of its past. 

Who am I fooling.  Never happen.

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