Sunday, March 08, 2020

Really XFL? Community spread of the coronavirus and you have an almost full stadium for a game?

This is why we will see the worst case scenario for the coronavirus.  This time I think we can lay some of the blame at the feet of the federal govt.  I can understand not wanting to incite a panic but damn it!  Common sense precautions should be part of the response.

The NBA is discussing playing games without fans in the stands.  The NCAA is talking about having the basketball tournament without fans in the stands. 

So what does the XFL do this weekend?

They hold football games with people in the stands!

Even the Pope didn't do that for his Sunday address (note that it was at the request of the Italian govt).

Time for the experts to step up and prevent this thing from going sideways. I don't want a Chinese response but unless we're smarter then that's gonna be what we're left with.

A little pain now will save alot of pain later.

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