Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Russian Aid Convoy making its way thru the streets of Italy..

Don't we have a base or two in this country?

Don't we have a Special Purpose MAGTF in this country...or at least near by?

So why are we letting the Russians get this MAJOR propaganda image in front of the world?

They're farther away, have a smaller logistics capability and are supposedly not as close to our friend as we are.

Yet we're nowhere to be seen.

I'm not mad just a bit frustrated.  We have forces in the region but aren't prioritizing them to this effort.  Sending cash is cool.  Money makes stuff happen.  But you can't deny the visuals here.

If the entire Western World is at war with a virus (and I'm thinking we are), then we should pivot military assets to help in that fight.  Hell all we need to do is activate Motor T along with Navy Medicine and we could match this effort and surpass it easily.

Hell just send a Marine Corps Motor T Company with their MTVRs and fly the flag so people in Spain, Italy, Greece etc...see that we're standing ready to help...with our money and our people.

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