Thursday, March 12, 2020

Russian Electronic Warfare Systems spotted in Donbas...

Small irritation that doesn't rise to the level of a rant.  Are we building a significant disability in our way of land warfare by our dependence on air systems to provide our electronic warfare capability?

Looking at what Russia is doing (I have limited visibility on Chinese efforts...if you know then educate the class) in the air and land, I can't help but feel we're behind.

Yeah I'm repeating myself but I can't get the story that I read about a Ukrainian Lt having to escape and evade back to his lines after his unit was located, apparently sizzled in an electronic attack and then bombarded into a unit that was totally destroyed if not in name then in function.

Does any Western power have properly developed ground based electronic warfare systems that can rival what we're seeing from the Russians or is it all based on our airpower?

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