Friday, March 06, 2020

The US Army and NORTHCOM is WELL PLACED (much to my surprise) to deal with the Coronavirus...

Thanks to UtahBob62 for the links.

Full disclosure.

I like to chest thump because I fully believe that SNAFU! was one of the first military blogs to grab hold of the coronavirus story in China and sound the alarm.

Additionally I believe we were among the first to predict that this thing would go worldwide and that it would be declared a pandemic.  We made the call a couple of weeks ago and continue to marvel that the WHO hasn't (although the economic considerations are most definitely the reason why....I've seen a few conspiracy theories that if this were declared a pandemic that the world could actual tip over into a depression).

What I got wrong was the fact that I didn't think the US military was properly positioned to deal with an incident of this magnitude.  I truly believed that they were as unprepared as the rest of the govt agencies/public.

Thankfully I was wrong.  Check out these links that UtahBob62 posted....

We hear the slogans and give them a slight chuckle.  Ready to fight tonight. America's force in readiness.  Most ready when the nation is least ready.

Well for the first time in a long time I'm actually encouraged.  The Army has been working on this for a long time (oldest link goes back to 2003).  NorthCom has picked up the mantle and I'm sure Navy and Air Force medicine are in on the game too.  It goes beyond the Docs though.  This type of planning means that a portion of the total force is ready to lend a hand.

There is much danger in the coronavirus threat.  

But there is also opportunity.  Not only for local govt/first responders to step up (as usual for first responders) but also for the US military to demonstrate their value to everyday citizens.

It's morbid to say but if this thing goes south it could be the biggest recruiting/budget boost the US military ever saw....if they perform to my expectations that is.

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