Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tonnerre (L9014) Amphibious Assault Ship to transfer coronavirus patients in critical condition ...via Naval News...

Can't comment on what has gone on before in Italy because quite honestly I haven't been following it closely (I know my readers have)...what I do know is that this is a nice use of military assets to aid the civilian emergency response to this pandemic.

If you do have stones to throw at the Italian Govt then I recommend another blog.

Everyone will be doing after actions on this crisis and most will fall short.  Only one thing is certain and should be the opening paragraph of every report. The Chinese unleashed this disease on the world and did not properly warn others of the danger.

Once that's done then each city, county, state, and national govt can decide what they need to do better when the communist decide to engage in more biological warfare on the world.

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