Wednesday, March 25, 2020

USS America (LHA 6) conducts flight by Seaman Jonathan Berlier

Note.  These are flight operations aboard the USS America but it might as well be called "The WING HAS WON" photo thread.  Isn't it ironic?  At one time the USMC thought that the Marine Air Wing needed an advocate.  Fast forward to our time and its clear that it wasn't the Wing that needed an advocate but instead the Ground Combat Team.

Even more frustrating?  Yeah.  I advocated for the Marine Corps (and the entire govt) to focus on the threat that is China.  What I DID NOT want to see is our Marine Corps being tailor made FOR ONLY the fight against China.

My fear?  What happens when we fight an advanced force (probably hybrid terrorists) that we aren't tailor made to deal with?  Do you know the last time the US military tried to tailor itself for a particular fight?  I do.  It was when we saw wholesale changes across our force because many predicted the next battlefield would be nuclear.  What did we find ourselves involved in instead?


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