Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What else can the military do if this coronavirus gets worse? Deploy CBRN, MPs & Combat Engineers/Sea Bees...

pic from 75th Ranger Recruiting Instagram Page...
I ran across the above pic and it got me to thinking.  What more can the US military do if (and I'm not certain we haven't already hit peak on this thing...the dates don't match what we've seen in other countries as far as infection spread is concerned...quite honestly we should already be at hundred of thousands of deaths already) this thing get's worse?

The DoD/White House can pump up the volume.

Treat this thing like a wildfire event and go all out balls to the wall.  Deploy CBRN specialist to train medical personnel to wear hazmat outfits so we don't lose them to the virus...then setup decontamination stations when their shift is over.

Deploy MPs to backup local police depts.  Deploy Combat Engineers/Sea Bees to quickly build tent cities or rehab buildings to isolate the infected.

Why do I say this?

Give me 2 solid freaking weeks of going all out against this contagion.  Get medieval on it.  Tell the American public that for 2 weeks we've got to get tough on this thing and tell that they're gonna have to buckle down and tough this thing out.

What does that mean?

Nationwide stay at home.  Nationwide curfew from 6pm till 6am everyday unless you're in an absolutely essential field (medical, law enforcement and other first responders...military...and that's it!). 

It's get tough and go all out or we muddle thru for another two months of this madness.

Give me a short sharp kick in the nuts instead of lingering pain.

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