Thursday, March 19, 2020

WHO chief says COVID-19 is an "enemy against humanity"


I will continue to beat on this drum till you're repeating this mantra and claiming it as your own.


The steps being taken by the Fed, the White House, the Treasury, the Congress....the steps being taken by major corporations...the steps being taken by State Govts...the activity of our Navy to send HOSPITAL SHIPS to major cities in the US.

Add to that the massive correction in the stock market, the closing of schools...

We're not being told the truth about this bug.  Additionally I still contend that we're looking at a bio-weapon that got released into the wild.

Do you realize that my worst case scenario is playing out right before your eyes?  You do know that we're looking at a global recession and a reordering of not only the global order but social norms ACROSS THE PLANET.

We're living thru an event that rivals the rise of the industrial age.  We're witnessing the end of globalism.  Nation state rivalry will accelerate.

Let me hit you with this.

Once the dust settles on this drama do you think that the global supply chain will be mended?  Do you think that we'll go back to free travel across borders without checks?

I contend that this event is probably laying the groundwork for the next major war between nations.  Not proxies.  Not idiotic nation building or trying to shape regions but a real deal war between two nation states.

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