Tuesday, March 17, 2020

World Health Organization warns against the "Chinus Virus" but said nothing when Ebola was the danger...


Fuck this dude.  The world is in the middle of a REAL war against a disease and this bastard is worried about wording of what you call it?  How about he focus on doing his damn job and after the dust has settled get into virtue signalling!

This pisses me off.

No one complained, said one word or cared when Ebola was the danger.  I heard it all and said nothing.  I watched the measures taken (by then President Obama) and wondered (along with other citizens) why we would import the disease.

This is no different.

Wanting to safeguard your home or homeland IS NOT equal to racism.  Work the problem.  Solve the problem.  Then you can move on to false moralizing.

What kicked all this off?

Trump has been well behaved of late and he appears to be tossing tons of money at the problem and following the advice of medical officials.

To face a backlash over this issue smacks of politics.  This is truly pathetic behavior on the part of whoever is involved.

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