Sunday, April 19, 2020

5th Marine Brigade update

According to source the 5th Marine Brigade is all wheeled while the 1st, 2nd and 6th are all track based.  Now do you get the force of connection?  Our 2030 Force is gonna be light as hell, basically missile based and our Chinese competitors are gonna be zooming around the battlefield in either motorized or mechanized formations.  The future USMC is gonna get skull fucked unless we change course.  By chance the Navy MIGHT win the battle at sea (with their current setup) but the Marines will be filling body bags and trying to dig into the center of the earth to avoid the massed fires that are incoming....the reality is that the US Navy needs to get 110% back into the ship killing business...the ship killing business!  The USMC can't make up for that deficit. Make no mistake.  The Bush Admin with its focus solely on the war on terror and not future fights (which birthed the LCS to fight small boats...a stupid concept if I ever heard one!) did the Navy a disservice, but the USMC shouldn't be forced to make up for that mistake.

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