Wednesday, April 22, 2020

China just lifted her skirt. This coronavirus thing is making them nervous...

via Global Times (Editorial).
Since March, the US has shot three poison arrows at China. First, it accused China of covering up the extent of the COVID-19 epidemic and falsifying the number of infections and deaths. Second, it claimed the novel coronavirus was leaked from an institute of virology in Wuhan, demanding China should allow foreign experts to make an investigation there. Third, it has been supporting and inciting lawsuits against the Chinese government to pursue compensation on damages caused by the pandemic. 

The three poison arrows are created by both the Trump administration and the Republican Party. They are ostensibly targeted at China, which is "politically correct" in today's US. But the Trump administration knows well that their arrows cannot kill China. Washington's attacks on China's epidemic response are nationalism-driven, running counters to facts. It's hard to say how long they can last.

Such being the case, the three poison arrows shot at China are a pretense. They cannot fatally impact China, but are likely to kick out Trump's rival Joe Biden.  

From the perspective of US political logic, the three poison arrows are too cleverly designed. Their target is China, a US "strategic competitor," and the two parties in the US have already reached a consensus on "threats from China." The Democrats have long been an accomplice of the Trump administration in slandering China.
US political elites jointly promoted this blind anti-China sentiment. As a result, anti-scientism and anti-rationalism are flaring in the US. It is now difficult for the Democratic Party to strip Trump administration's huge responsibility in the pandemic from the already hyped-up public opinion, which believes China should be held accountable. 

It is Americans' business to decide who to become their next president. China does not need to hold a grudge against anyone for falling into the eye of the US campaign storm. The fundamental reason is that China is getting strong. The country has to bear the weight of becoming a global power. China needs to build up its capacity to defend its reputation and it has a long way to go on the path. 

I don't hate China.  I don't have any grudges against their people.  To be honest I find alot in their culture to honorable, noble and I wish was replicated here.

I also have an inkling of the Asian/Chinese culture.

It's subtle.  Cunning.  It ebbs and flows.  It revels in being clever and patient.

It also hates the loss of face.

China has lost face in this episode.  This is the first consequential national embarrassment I've seen them face in at least the past 20 years.  Don't get me wrong.  They've faced setbacks but never this type of international humiliation (not since the Vietnamese kicked their ass in '79).

So this editorial is telling.

It sings to me.

The Chinese are worried and they're trying to explain to their countrymen (and the world) that its not their fault.  They're being badly blamed and barring that the Chinese people should just stoically deal with the pain.

They're a rising power that has to learn to defend their reputation.  They're strong now.  They just need to learn how to properly defend themselves on the international stage.


They're worried.

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