Friday, April 24, 2020

Confusing rules are what makes these state closures so controversial...

The above post pretty much says it all.

Confusing rules are what makes these state closures so controversial.  Alot of it just doesn't make ANY SENSE!

If it was about saving the population then fine.  14 days of HARD CORE PAIN with everything being shut down would get it done.

But they didn't do that.

They're trying to find a middle ground that makes it somewhat palatable to the masses.

Imaginary pain (called being a good citizen) instead of really doing the hard work of social distancing to SMASH this epidemic.

My take?

This whole thing was a joke.  We knew who the vulnerable population is.  If its about saving lives then don't shut down the entire economy.  Shut the people that are vulnerable down.  Tell them to stay home. 

But this thing?

This was an exercise in control.  Now they're drunk with power, see a bit of pushback and they're trying to find an exit ramp while still keeping up the illusion of doing all this for the public good.

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