Friday, April 03, 2020

Drama queen send off for ship's capt shows the lunacy of this situation...

Are you freaking seeing this?  Dude is being lauded for falling on his sword to save the crew from the coronavirus and look at that vid!

Sailors from all ratings and depts gathering around, mingling, shouting and spreading the virus that they're so deathly afraid of instead of TRYING to adopt some sort of mitigation efforts at sea.

Now do you see the reality of this thing.

The more I look at the actions of this skipper the more I realize that this was some type of grandstand for some reason I don't yet understand.

Conspiracy theory?  Yeah.  But look at the pic and then think about what we're being told to believe.  Brave captain, loved by his crew, defied leadership and got the story out about how he was worried about his sailors and how they were doing nothing.

Then look at the vid above again.

Some of you people are being played.

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