Monday, April 06, 2020

It's become a meme, but society should reorder around what are "really" essential jobs into the future...

It's become a meme but after this mess is over we should really reorder what are the "essential" jobs into the future.

Sports going away?  We're not happy but we're fine.  Concerts gone?  Radio stations are still up and artist can make music in studios away from people (well small groups but you get it). 

Out of examples but you get the idea.  What are apparently essential jobs?  Of course in this case medical work (goes without saying always).  The military.  Law enforcement.  Sanitation.  Grocery stores.  Maintenance.  Supply chain.

I'm missing more than a few but you get the force of connection.

So what will society do?

For better or worse everything is gonna change.  People have fought wage increases for these jobs but apparently many (especially those that live in big cities) simply can't do without them. 

Many from restaurant workers, to Walmart employees, to truckers, to law enforcement, to garbage men, to grocery store worker, hell even the folks that send stuff thru Amazon will have a legitimate argument for increased wages.

The wild thing?

Even opponents of a nationwide minimum wage standard are gonna have MUCH less of an argument against it.

That's just one of the sea changes I see going forward.  There will be more.  Many that I can't see.  But what do you guys think.  Am I onto something or out in left field again?

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