Thursday, April 16, 2020

Michigan protests should not surprise us -- There are real risks from aggressive, prolonged lockdowns

via Fox Business.
Wednesday’s protests in Michigan show that draconian state lockdown orders – if allowed to continue too long – threaten the voluntary law-abiding character of the American people.

State governors, who truly control whether the economy stays open or shut, must better explain their reasons for their trade-offs between slowing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic versus throwing millions out of work and destroying billions in economic activity.

If their people disagree, these leaders risk sparking civil disobedience that will undermine their political and legal systems.

This is the danger that I've feebly tried to warn about.

It is TOTALLY against the American character for FREE MEN & WOMEN to be told that they can't leave their homes.

It is TOTALLY against the American character for FREE MEN & WOMEN to be told that they can't earn a living and provide for their families.

I can't speak for other nations.  Everyone has their own "national character".  I'm not here to judge (although I find it remarkable that so many foreigners feel the right to judge our beliefs...and will get their pussy hairs curled into knots when you shine a spotlight on their nations) just explain.

Governors might be reviling in the power that they're experiencing.  Certain fellow travelers might actually believe that we should obey without question.

I'm just here to tell you that we need  a better explanation than we're getting.

Many discount the idea that the cure could be worse than the disease but let's think about what we've been told.

This thing will without a doubt comeback in the fall.

We will NOT be able to get back to normal until a vaccine is developed which will take at least a year to eighteen months.

That's madness to even consider continuing these draconian efforts for even half that long.

The answer to this drama is painful but better than the closing of this economy.

The vulnerable must be separated from the rest of the population.

Instead of putting our entire nation in a protective bubble we must put the vulnerable under these restrictions with the idea that they're adults and if they violate the guidelines they'll risk death.

To be blunt?  We must not sacrifice the nation for the weak and infirm.

Is that cold hearted?


But its the only way.

As this thing drags on we're risking our democracy.  We're risking social unrest.  We're risking our nation.

Side note.  Spare me the talk about how the medical staff is the only ones taking risks.  I face real deal murders, drug dealers, rapists, thieves, child molesters etc...It's part of the job.  It's what I signed up for.  I deal.  Additionally people at fast food joints, grocery stores, truck drivers, delivery drivers etc...are facing risks too.  But we've artificially turned off our economy. The longer its closed the longer the recovery.

Side note 1.  Protest also took place in North Carolina and are planned for today...

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