Tuesday, April 14, 2020

N. Korea fires multiple short range anti-ship missiles into the East Sea...

 North Korea fired a salvo of short-range projectiles believed to be anti-ship cruise missiles into the East Sea on Tuesday, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said.

The firings came on the eve of the birthday of late founder Kim Il-sung and South Korea's general elections.

The projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles, were fired northeastward from areas near its eastern coastal town of Munchon at around 7 a.m., which lasted more than 40 minutes, the JCS said, adding they flew around 150 kilometers before splashing into waters off the east coast.

"The military is closely monitoring the situation for possible additional launches, while maintaining a readiness posture," the JCS said in a release.

It is the latest in a series of military actions by the North as the regime has sought to beef up defense capabilities amid stalled denuclearization talks with the United States and heightened vigilance against the coronavirus.


I wonder how they're doing with their coronavirus cases?  China at one time was asking for sanctions to be relaxed because they feared a humanitarian crisis there, but that's taken a back seat with them trying to repair their image with the world.

Most of the world (with the exception of Libya) seems to be trying to concentrate on the global crisis.

But I forgot about N. Korea.

This is the type of thing that could push them into some type of foolish action.

Don't have enough visibility (but I'll start trying to watch) to be sure but they could initiate some incident to distract their population from the INCREASED suffering this pandemic is probably placing on them.

Starving.  Continuously cold.  Probably exposed to the elements on a regular basis.

The N. Korean people must be hurting.

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