Friday, April 03, 2020

New York City is the hot zone in the US? Well they're not following the stay at home order!

Check out Google's Covid-19 Community Mobility Report here.


Google has decided to turn their "tracking" service (I say that tongue in cheek) toward keeping track of the public and seeing how many are obeying the stay at home orders and how many aren't.

I don't know how many people use Google Tracker (God knows I'm turning mine off now) but this is what they came up with for the state of New York.  They break it down by county so we can see how New York City is doing below...

My point in all this?  First.  Google has once again disappointed me.  I guess you can make the claim that this is for the greater good.  I'm conflicted on this.  If they'll release this information into the wild then what are they doing that we never see.  Additionally (yeah its conspiratorial) but I can't help but wonder how closely ALL of us are being monitored by forces unknown.

We all love our phones but we have in essence equipped ourselves with tracking and listening devices....WILLINGLY!

Next.  I wonder how wise this stay at home order is when it comes to fighting this disease.  At least the American version of it.  From my chair, with the new information coming out, and a small sampling of people I work with - family - associates, we've all had some kind of sniffles, allergies etc...since this hit.

Now we hear that the coronavirus can hit you and you might not get knocked to your knees?  That you could get this thing, pass it on and never even know you had it?  Completely asymptomatic?

Perhaps the Brit Health Ministry were onto something when they wanted to go for herd immunity.

In hindsight did we get the best possible response from govt or did we all fall prey to an exercise in control?

Regardless.  We might not be going to work.  We might not be hanging out at home more.  But we're hardly shut in.

Maybe the Chinese model just isn't the right one for us.  This will come again.  Maybe we should try and determine a better way of dealing with the next one.  God knows shutting down the economy and asking people to stay home definitely appears to be sub-optimal.

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