Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Past May 1st the cure will be worst than the disease...the narrative of the Covid-19 crisis is out of control...

Long story short?

This disease has wrecked the major urban areas.  Places where people live on top of each other.  Where they crowd into mass transit and walk on crowded streets.

You know the places.  Those areas of the country that are so superior to fly over country.  The cultured, properly minded, intellectually superior places.

Well ya know what?

This is there problem, not the rest of the country's!  On this one Trump is right (although that statement that his power is absolute was pure idiocy...I literally cringed when he said that).

We're facing a bigger problem though.

We've actually given power to people that seem to be reviling in it.  The idea that medical professionals are almost demanding that we keep the country closed into summer is lunacy on a stick.

We'll be lucky to pull out of this thing without massive business closing forever, and possibly avoiding a depression.  Oh and that "free" stimulus money?  Ain't nothing free.  They'll take it back one way or another soon enough.  Mark my words on that!


If you have underlying health issues.  If you haven't properly looked after your health.  If you've allowed yourself to become obese, have high blood pressure (from poor diet/lack of exercise), etc...then you're in a risk group.  If you're elderly you're in a risk group.  If you're a person of color and you have the above then you're in a risk group.  If you're white  and have any of the above then you're in a risk group.


Man up.  Be an adult.  Take care of yourself and let's get this country back moving.

Stop allowing politicians/medical experts close the entire country to save less than 1/10th of 1% of the population.


I've been reading the comments and I only have this to say.  If we continue this shutdown as many of you suggest what do you think will happen to the our economy?  Denmark is already reopening and Japan and S. Korea are trying to do staggered reopening.  Why?  Because if we stay closed then we are calling in a GREAT DEPRESSION that will make the previous one look like child's play!  You unleash the societal damage of a destroyed economy on the Western world in the age that we live in and you will see chaos that will chill your soul.

You think crime was an issue?  Just wait and see what happens if people are out of work till July!  You think the medical system is overwhelmed?  Just watch what happens if you keep this shut down till July!  You think that social discourse is at an all time low?  Just wait!

I find it amazing that people are so nonchalant about the realities of this thing.  Do you think the govt will be able to keep funding the closure of business?  Do you think employers will keep people on payroll if they're not doing work?  Do you think that our fragile societies can handle what you're asking for?

If you think it can then doom on you and I hope you get what you're asking for.  Personally I'm not worried.  My job is considered essential so no pain here.  But I worry about my fellow American and our country.  Said it before and I'll say it again.  THE CURE CAN'T BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE!  Sometimes society must do the hard thing and accept the casualties so that the body can remain functional.

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