Saturday, April 04, 2020

The Asian Flu Pandemic in '57 caused 100K deaths but no lockdown. Why now?

I'm just reacting to this tweet.  Haven't verified it.  But if true.  Then the question becomes.  Why the dramatic response to this outbreak. 

I will sound like a brute by saying this...but...we've only had 8k deaths so far (yes..I know...every death is someone's loved one and I seriously get that...I have family members in the vulnerable zone) but as a nation it's not a big hit.

The population affected was for the most part already suffering from some type of malady.  Whether diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc...they were already in a vulnerable state.

So if we could take a 100K hit in the late 50's and during the late 60's then why are these relatively few numbers so traumatizing?

Additionally what makes this outbreak so terrifying that we resorted to such extreme measures?

Trump (for all those that hate him...I don't...not love but definitely not hate) is right on this one.  WE MUST GET OUR ECONOMY GOING AGAIN!  Even now we've set ourselves up for a terrible time with the MASSIVE SPENDING that was just unleashed. 

I haven't read it anywhere but inflation beyond our recognition has to be coming down the pike soon.  Couple that with some insane unemployment if some businesses never re-open and we're already looking at a doomsday scenario economically.

Its not just us either.  It's every nation.

Have we just unknowingly lit the fuse for some dramatic shifts in the world as we know it?

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