Friday, April 10, 2020

US Army designates Long Range Missile and Next Generation Combat Vehicle research programs as essential...

Hmm.  I guess a naval force based off missiles and aircraft only needs to partner with the Army on the missile part of this.


If the USMC is designating long range missile fire as "part of its reason for being" then what happens to the Corps when the Army gets into the ship killing business with missiles as good or better?

Do we then have to have the debate of "the Army can kill ships from land then why do we need a Marine Corps"?

If we fall back aboard ship to launch from then do we have to have the debate "the US Navy kills ships better than anyone, why do we need the Marine Corps"?

Do you get the force of connection here?  This idea that the US Marine Corps was a second land Army was pure idiocy on a stick.  Amos bought into it because it helped him get the F-35.  The others have continued with it for this moment we're seeing.

Make no mistake.  This concept is shit on a stick.  It WILL end the USMC.  

USMC.  Born 1775.  Killed by bureaucracy (HQMC) 2020.  It was a great run though...

The "NEW" Marine Corps.  Born 2014.  Died ? - it's already virus filled...death is imminent...

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