Sunday, May 03, 2020

82nd Combat Aviation Brigade operating aboard US Navy Expeditionary Transfer Dock...

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As part of the Immediate Response Force (IRF) the #82ndCAB maintains the ability to respond to the nation’s call by conducting training in conjunction with the Army’s sister services. Recently, teams from the CAB’s multifunctional aviation task force (MFATF), @taskforcesaber practiced landing helicopters on board the deck of the Navy Expeditionary Landing Base ship USS Lewis B. Puller (ESB-3). U.S. forces from both the Army and Navy trained together for special mission combined flight operations at sea. We have Chinooks, Apaches and Blackhawk Helicopters,” said Lt. Col. Margaret Stick, the commander of the multifunctional Aviation Task Force. “As part of the immediate response force or IRF, we are always at the nation’s call. Wings of the Airborne! See full article here: or by following link in bio to our Facebook page. 📷: SGT. Andrew Winchell @deptofdefense |@usarmy | @usarmyforscom | @usarmycentral | @82ndairbornediv | @usnavy | @usspullergold #wingsoftheairborne #blackhawk #uh60 #apache #ah64 #chinook #ch47 #helicopters #armyaviation #aviation #taskforcesaber #navy #esb3
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Hmm.  So if the US Army starts putting Paratroopers on non-standard amphibious ships.  If the US Army starts conducting operations from the sea.  If the US Army (especially with their next gen tiltrotor) are capable of conducting long range raids from the sea, then HOW is the new concept making us more unique?


The reality is that the US Army has been trying to duplicate Marine Corps capabilities and the Stryker Brigade is the last in a long line of failures.  Instead of enhancing the already fabulous Air-Ground Task Force we're taking it apart and making ourselves ordinary.

The 2030 concept is a mistake.  A terrible mistake.

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