Monday, May 25, 2020

Can anyone verify this K2 Black Panther MBT test in the Oman Desert?

via Semper Annoying Tumblr Page
In May, 2018, K2 Black Panther main battle tank conducted a month-long +600km endurance & live fire test in the deserts of Oman.
Turkish Altay MBT, derivative of the K2, suffered an engine failure and the German Leopard 2A6 was bogged down in a Wadi (dry riverbed) during an earlier testing. Meanwhile, K2 Black Panther successfully finished the trial without major issues.
Oman's military was reportedly highly satisfied with the K2, but the decision-making process has been slow due to internal bureaucracy and now COVID-19 pandemic.
While the bilateral agremeent is still being processed, Hyundai Rotem is modifying the K2 to better fit Oman's requirements. This includes heavy-duty air conditioning, intake filter, side skirt and increased IED protection up to STANAG Level 3 using lightweight (1 ton) Ceramic Matrix Composites armor.
If the K2 deal is finalized, Oman's Army will reportedly also purchase 10 K600 Combat Engineer Vehicle from Hyundai Rotem.
Source: Military Review / 밀리터리 리뷰

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