Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Can you imagine how absolutely HORRIBLE the PT sessions are gonna be after this lockdown?

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September P Company? - Do you reckon the soldier you are about to ‘Mill’ is not training to take your head off? - Are you going to provide the person to your right 100% of your load, when you release the toggle and turn away from log? - Do you have the legs to finish that 5th mile on the stretcher or get past the soldier in front who is taking your points on the steeple? - Isolation isn’t the time to settle. Success is not a gift, it’s purposeful hard work. - Don’t just stay focused and stay fit. Increase focus, get fitter and get past the soldier in front. - #Fitness #sport #coaching #athlete #coach #coachinglife #militaryfitness #ctsfo #parachuteregiment #tacticalathlete #firstresponders #police #fireservice #firefighter #army #navy #airforce #running #para #liverpoolpt #pt #airborne #paratrooper #coachmikechadwick #operator #britisharmy
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Was making my way round the internet this morning and came across one of my favorite Brit fitness coaches.

His post reminded me of one thing.

I feel absolutely sorry for those people that ate donuts and didn't PT that live in the Marine Corps during this pandemic.

That goes for all the services all over the free world.

Once this shit is over those PT sessions are gonna be absolutely HORRIFIC!  If I had a bunch of spare change I'd buy up every bottle of Tiger Balm I could find and sell it on E-Bay at twice the price later.

One other thing.  I've said it before but I absolutely mean it from the heart now.  Health is wealth!  Going back to the doctor today to get this sorted out (finally I hope) but afterwards its balls to the wall in the gym!

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