Monday, May 25, 2020

Coronavirus didn't zap me. My response/the medical communities to the virus did...

A little useless information about me.  I suffer from bad sinuses.  The resulting sinusitis knocks me on my ass more often than I like to admit.

Usually I keep things under control with medication but this time things went sideways.  The VA had this telemedicine thing going on and it got whacky.  Notified my primary care of what was going on and the first thing was that ok, it sounds like you MIGHT have covid-19 so go to the local emergency room.

The doctor there not knowing of my medical past and apparently NOT listening to me tell him that this is an ongoing condition seemingly followed the book instead of what I was telling him.

In short I got a standard fare of antibiotics and since I felt better I kept it moving.

No big deal.

A week later I'm at work, dealing with the barbarians and I get this savage, banging on my head like a cherokee drum headache from hell.

Headache doesn't describe it.  I broke out in a cold sweat (never experienced that before...weird), felt flush as hell, could barely keep my eyes open and I told my shift sgt that I had to break camp.

Just couldn't make it thru the rest of the day.

I diddy bop over to the ER and they tell me it could be migraines, it could be sinuses or it could even possibly be covid.  At this point I'm trying to contain myself. 

I tell the good doctor that we just got tested for covid at work earlier that morning.  The Sheriff's Dept is full speed ahead on keeping the force "safe". Plus we get temps checked before we go in so I seriously doubt it covid.  As for the rest I just don't know.

So this bubba tells me he's gonna give me some stuff for the pain (two shots...don't remember what but they worked ... FOR AWHILE!) and to see my primary for a catscan.

Ok.  So far so good.  I can get this solved and be back at work for the weekend (its my long weekend...Fri-Sun 3am till 3pm).  Cool Cool.

I head back over to the VA and I get the cat scan and x-ray.  The techs look at me like I have cancer and tell me I hope you feel better.

Yeah this story is dragging on but bear with me.

Finally my primary care calls and tells me I have SEVERE SINUSITIS that's showing up as a cloud on the right hemisphere of my head.

Ok.  It's not death.  Doesn't feel like death, but its' downright unpleasant.  How do we fix this?

Super charged antibiotics.  Is that all?  Yep.  You should feel better soon.

I start the regimen and Sunday morning I'm still blasted.  Head still pounding. Its been a week of this thing with minor letup here and there and nothing is working.

I go to urgent care and they tell me I need a steroid to knock this down.  I'm getting happy.  Hoping for some Tren but will settle for Dianabol.  Nope.  This is an anti-inflammatory doodad plus another shot for pain.

So they hit me with the happy juice in my arm and in my ass and I'm on my way.

Sunday afternoon I get the best sleep I've had in a week.

Long story short?

Coronavirus didn't zap me.  But my response, the medical communities response to this thing did.

And on balance my issues were minor.  What about my fellow citizen that is facing much more severe health problems?

I don't have the answer but I do believe we're screwing this up.  We've unbalanced things and I fear that good folks are gonna suffer from this thing. Not speaking of myself but for those other people that are going thru so much more.

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