Monday, May 04, 2020

Damian Ratka's Twitter Page found pics of the VT-4 without bolt-on armor....thin don't describe it!

Ok.  I'm starting to get how the Commandant can be so comfortable with the risk he's taking by dumping tanks.  He's obviously seen intelligence that we haven't and from the looks of this thing, competent US Marine Corps Infantry can rather easily take apart these things solo, much less with the help of the other parts of the remaining Air-Ground Team.

I don't believe some of our previous generation anti-tank weapons would have trouble ripping this thing to shreds.

You're gonna have to be prepared to maneuver on any formation coming at you, you're gonna have to hope you have arty in your back pocket to keep them buttoned up, and a little help from the wing and naval guns would always be helpful but this doesn't appear to be the beast that I once thought it was.

I wonder why the Nigerians (a pretty decent Army and one of the best on the African continent) would be so joyous about these vehicles.  Is it because of the threat level or do they know something we don't about them?  I believe the Brits have pretty good relations with them so maybe we'll get a second hand look-see with what the Nigerians are working with.

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