Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Former Captain of US Carrier Roosevelt Given Desk Job Instead of Old Command After COVID-19 Recovery

via Sputnik
Though many were looking to see Capt. Brett Crozier reinstated as commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, he is currently serving as special assistant to Capt. Max McCoy, chief of staff for the commander of Naval Air Forces, US Pacific Fleet.

Naval Air Forces spokesperson Cmdr. Ron Flanders confirmed Tuesday to the Navy Times that Crozier had arrived in San Diego, California, on Monday night after departing from Guam, where he and more than 1,000 other sailors from the Roosevelt were quarantined after testing positive for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Flanders revealed to the US military outlet that Crozier will report to the commander of Naval Air Forces, US Pacific Fleet, while on temporary duty assignment.

When asked whether the temporary assignment signals a larger decision pertaining to Crozier’s possible reinstatement as the Roosevelt’s commander, Flanders refused to comment, noting the matter is “above us.” 

Justice.  The US Navy is supposed to operate in all climes and places and in all kinds of conditions.  COVID-19 was an operational hazard but one that should have been contained enough not to turn into a national security hazard.

It wasn't.

He leaked the drama to the press.


Now he pays the price.

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