Sunday, May 24, 2020

Hong Kong Protests continue and appear to be becoming more heated...

From my chair?

The protesters better be careful.  The Communist Govt has shown great restraint up to this point but they're being pushed hard.  The reality is that now would be a great time to go full bore on the protesters.  The Communist Chinese can claim they're attempting to enforce quarantine rules (we've seen US police do the same in various cities).  They can claim that they're simply restoring order (even to my Western eyes this seems out of control).  Finally no one is really paying attention at this moment because everyone is caught up in their own personal, national drama.

Am I gonna hyper focus on this issue?  Nah.  Too much going on in too many places.  Will I cut a side glance at it every now and then?  You bet your ass. 

Before summer is over Hong Kong will fall.

You heard it here first.

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